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Like many European capitals, Vienna is a city that is packed with history and culture and is a refined option for anyone who is looking for a short break away from home.

A truly charming destination, Vienna is particularly well known for its music scene whilst the centre of the city is so rich in history that it’s been given UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Although Vienna is a popular destination throughout the year, many people will chose to visit during the spring and autumn months, when the temperatures will be comfortably in the early 20s and it won’t be overly busy.

During the summer, Vienna can get busy as people flock to the city to enjoy the various festivals that take place whilst it is a similar story in winter despite the falling temperatures as impressive Christmas Markets spring up as the highlight of the festive period.

When it comes to seeing the sights, there is no shortage of options within Vienna thanks to the many impressive buildings that are to be found across the city.

Stunning palaces and towering cathedrals showcase some of the best architecture from across the years, with the grand buildings and elegant design sitting perfectly alongside the cobbled streets that you’ll be able to stroll along as your leisure.

Given the artistic heritage of Vienna, you’ll not be surprised to see that that are plenty of cultural treats to be explored, ranging from grand museums featuring works from some of the greatest names in the world to the famous Vienna Philharmonic – which is one of numerous orchestras that keeps the musical heart of the city beating.

When it comes to cuisine, Vienna has something of a sweet tooth and there are all manner of cafes where you can sit back with a coffee and a tasty slice of cake whilst watching the world go by. Top class restaurants then offer a range of traditional cuisine, whilst you’ll be able to wash it down with a selection of top quality beer and locally produced wine – which remains something of a hidden gem.

Add into the mix the chance to hit the shops or visit the local markets in search of souvenirs and you’re sure to enjoy everything that Vienna has to offer.

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Schönbrunn Palace

The Schönbrunn Palace is one of the major attractions within Vienna and was once the imperial summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs. Since the 1950s, the palace and surrounding gardens have become a major tourist attraction and are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tours are available of the castle that provide the chance to take a journey through time, exploring the Habsburg dynasty and learning all about the history of the family.

Hofburg Palace

Another former imperial palace, the Hofburg is now the official residence of the President of Austria. The impressive building is home to the Sisi Musem whilst visitors can also spend time exploring the Imperial Apartments and the impressive Imperial Silver Collection. The Albertina museum, featuring works from the likes of Monet and Picasso, is also within the palace.

St Stephen’s Cathedral

St Stephen’s Cathedral is an imposing church built in the 1100s that shows off impressive Romaneque and Gothic design and has become one of the most recognisable buildings in the city. Four large towers stand above the Vienna skyline whilst the cathedral is also home to one of the most famous church bells in Europe.


The Prater is a large park located within Vienna that provides a great place to escape the busy streets if you want a little piece and quiet. Within the park there is an amusement park and a small train for those with the family in tow.

House of Music

Vienna is famous for music so a visit to the House of Music museum is something that might well appeal. Expect to find plenty of interactive activities and exhibits that showcase many different musical styles from across the ages.


Amongst the various markets in Vienna, the Naschmarkt is perhaps the best known. Here you’ll not only be able to find all manner of different goods, but also a huge array of dining options that provides the chance to sample traditional Austrian fare as well as cuisine from across the world.

Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace is home to one of the top collections of art in Vienna – including the world’s largest collection of work by Klimt; including The Kiss. The stunning 18th century building is well worth a visit, with special tours to explore the highlights.


There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy top class food in Vienna but one of the ‘must sees’ for food lovers is Demel; a famous pastry shop that dates back to the 1780s. As well as sampling goods, a visit to Demel provides the chance to take a tour of a special museum that tells the history of the company

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