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Although one of the Greek Islands, Samos sits just off the coast of Turkey in the eastern Aegean Sea and is a popular destination for those who want to enjoy island life but aren’t as keen on the large scale resorts that have sprung up elsewhere.

Like many of the islands along this stretch of the sea, Samos offers impressive weather for visitors from overseas, with average temperatures during the summer running into the high 20s with plenty of sunshine and little by way of rain.

Even when the rain does fall in the winter months, the average temperature still sits comfortably in the teens, making it a realistic option for an overseas adventure at any time of the year.

Without the man made attractions that are found on neighbouring islands, Samos is instead better suited to those who want to embrace the natural beauty of the region.

As would be expected, the coastal areas provide plenty of opportunity to relax on the beach, with stretches of white sand bordering blue waters in which you can take a refreshing dip or sample a selection of watersports.

Heading inland, there is ample opportunity to go hiking along a range of trails that provide the chance to explore the beauty of Mount Ampelos and Mount Kerkis, with a selection of coastal tracks offering the chance to gaze out to sea.

Those heading for the larger towns could visit the bustling markets of Samos Town, where you can also see the way in which locals earn their money from selling goods from the local olive groves, see fisherman coming in from work in the village of Kokkari or head for the historical town of Pythagorio.

Arguably the most popular destination on the island, Pythagorio is home to a number of historical sites; including the Heraion of Samos – a dedicated UNESCO World Heritage Site – and the famous Tunnel of Eupalinos.

When to go
June to Sept
Flight Time
6hr 40min

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