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New South Wales sits on the eastern coast of Australia and is one of the most popular states in the country for people visiting from overseas.

That’s down in no small part that it is home to the most populous city in Australia, but the opportunity to pay a visit to Sydney certainly isn’t the only reason why you’d want to consider paying NSW a visit if you decide to holiday ‘Down Under’.

New South Wales benefits from a temperate climate that means the state is free of the more extreme variations in temperature that you might encounter in other areas of the vast country.

Visit during the Australian summer (our winter) and you can expect the temperatures to be in the mid-20s on average, whilst the winter months, the temperature will sit somewhere around seven or eight.

Should you head for New South Wales then chances are that Sydney will feature on your to do list and it isn’t hard to see why.

Take a trip down to the harbour area and you can pay a visit to the famous Sydney Opera House, which sits in the shadow of another Australian landmark, the Harbour Bridge. Should you have a head for heights, you can even climb if you wish to take in stunning views across the city from a unique perspective.

With the city, there are plenty of museums and galleries for those who want to examine Australia history and culture, whilst there are plenty of open green spaces if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the city crowds.

Hyde Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens are just potential options you may want to consider.

Away from Sydney however, there is plenty more to see within the New South Wales region.

You might decide to head inland from the coast to explore the stunning scenery of the Blue Mountains, spend some time visiting the different vineyards of Hunter Valley or hit the beach in the likes of Byron Bay to make the most of the surf.

No matter what piques your interest, New South Wales is a state that is sure to deliver.

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Spring / Autumn
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21hr 45min

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Things To Do

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in Australia and is known across the world as a symbol of the country. Located alongside Sydney Harbour in the shadow of the Harbour Bridge, the opera house is made up a number of performance venues that play host to all manner of events across the year. Guided tours of the building – which is designed as a UNESCO World Heritage site - are also available.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is a rock formation located within the Blue Mountains, close to the town of Katoomba. Formed by erosion across thousands of years, the rocks are one of the most visited attractions within the scenic area and can be accessed via walking trails that include the 800 step Giant Walkway.

Byron Bay

Located right at the top of New South Wales, Byron Bay is a beachside town that is a popular destination for those looking to make the most of the surf off the Australian coast. There are numerous stretches of impressive sand for those who want to embrace the sun, whilst scuba diving and snorkeling are just two activities on offer. Take a walk up to Byron Bay lighthouse and you’ll also get chance to take in impressive views of the surrounding area.

Katoomba Scenic World

The Katoomba Scenic World sits within the Blue Mountains and is a great place to visit if you want to explore the New South Wales forest. Here, you can take a ride on one of the steepest railways in the world, ride a scenic skyway looking down across Katoomba Falls or take a stroll through the treetops on an elevated boardwalk.

Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley sits to the north of Sydney and is famous for being one of the top wine producing regions in Australia. Shiraz, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are all produced in the region but it is Semillion for which the area is perhaps best known. A range of tours are available throughout the region that allow you to visit some of the vineyards and sample the produce.

Bondi Beach

Bonid Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Australia and is located close to the centre of Sydney – making it hugely accessible for anyone visiting the city. It’s a great place to watch the local surfers doing their thing in the waves, with designated areas in which it is safe to take a refreshing dip in the water.

The Rocks

Sydney is home to plenty of places where you can grab something to eat or drink, but The Rocks is one of the most popular areas. Near to the harbour area, The Rocks features some of the oldest pubs in the city alongside modern day restaurants, whilst the cobbled lanes are worthy of further exploration.


Bathurst is located in the tablelands of New South Wales and is said to be one of the oldest inland settlements in Australia. Famous around the world for the Mount Panorama race circuit – which hosts the biggest race in Australia every year – Bathurst also has links with the gold industry and many historical buildings form the days of the gold rush can still be found within the city centre.

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is located towards the south coast of New South Wales and is popular because of the high quality beaches and the clear blue waters off the coast. The beaches are great for families given that they are regarded as some of the safest in Australia, whilst the calm waters are great for diving or taking a cruise to try and spot whales and dolphins swimming in the wild.

Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney is a popular zoo within the city that is home to more than 4000 different animals representing hundreds of different species. Spread across eight different regions, the zoo is one of the top attractions in Sydney for those who want to see both native and international wildlife. A sister zoo is located in the city of Dubbo.

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