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Lesvos sits in the North Aegean and, as the third largest of the Greek Islands, is a popular tourist destination.

Whilst the island is well visited at all times of the calendar year, like many of those in the Mediterranean, the best time to pay a visit is during the summer, when average temperatures will hit the high 20s, there’ll be plenty of sun, and relatively little in the way of rain.

The island is famous for being one of Greece’s geoparks, having been shaped across the years by volcanic activity.

Nowhere is this seen better than in the petrified forest of lesbos, which has been formed by the fossilized remains of plants dating back hundreds of years along the western fringes of the island.

The volcanic history can also be seen in a number of hot springs that are to be found across the island.

It’s also popular with those who want to relax thanks a selection of impressive beaches that line the coast, with golden sands and on which to catch the sun and mild, blue waters that are perfect for swimming.

Those who want to embrace the history of the island could pay a visit to the city of Mytlilene, which dates back of thousands of years and is home to a range of architectural treats like the old Castle and the Church of St Symeon.

Similar delights await in Mithymna, where an imposing historical fortress looks down across the city; which in itself contains a varied range of architectural styles from across the ages.

With quaint villages and lush olive groves at every turn, Lesvos remains somewhat untouched by the tourism industry compared to other Greek islands and an interesting alternative for anyone heading to the Mediterranean region.

When to go
June to Sept
Flight Time
4hr 10min

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