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Lefkada is a small island located just off the coastline of Greece and is so close to the mainland that is can be connected to the mainland via a causeway.

Sitting in a sheltered location as a result, the island benefits from the traditional Mediterranean climate of warm dry summers, with cooler and wetter winters, although the average temperature during the main tourist season doesn’t hit the heights of some of the other Greek islands.

It should come as little surprise that the natural beauty of the island is one of the main selling points for travellers from overseas, with the island housing a number of impressive beaches.

Whilst that includes options for those who simply want to lie back and take in the sun, there are also various beaches that are well suited to selection of watersports.

Away from the large scale tourist resorts seen elsewhere, Lefkada is more about the chance to experience local life, with the character of the island being found at every turn; be it in a small village where you can see locals leisurely going about their daily business or in the larger towns.

From quaint bars and restaurants to bustling squares filled with people, and with the chance to marvel at historical churches and castles from across the ages, Lefkada provides an interesting alternative to some of the more tourist focused offerings to be found nearby.

When to go
June to Sept
Flight Time
3hr 30min

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