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Halong Bay is one of those places in Vietnam that you simply have to visit if you elect to take your HOT Holiday in the Asian country.

Located around four hours from the capital city Hanoi, Halong Bay is one of the most stunningly beautiful destinations anywhere in Asia and the picture postcard scenery is instantly recognisable around the world.

When it comes to visiting Halong Bay, you’ll need to bear in mind that is a popular destination throughout the year.

June through to August tends to be the quietest period as it coincides with the wettest weather, with the spring and autumn months being the time when a lot of people visit thanks to the slightly cooler temperatures.

Visiting Halong Bay provides the chance to marvel at towering limestone pillars, swim in crystal clear blue waters and explore the various islands that rise from the water.

Designated as a World Heritage Site, Halong Bay isn’t likely to be somewhere where you would spend your entire stay in Vietnam but is instead a great place to spend a few nights whilst exploring everything the country has to offer.

Should that be something that appeals, then booking onto one of the various ships that sail around the area and which offer overnight stays is a unique way in which to relax and marvel at the scenic surroundings.

You’ll have the chance to go swimming, try kayaking, sample rock climbing and visit unique floating villages – something you’ll remember for a long time.

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Cannon Fort

Cannon Fort sits on the island of Cat Ba and can accessed via a steep walk from Cat Ba Town along a network of paths. The walk is certainly worthy of the views that will greet you when you arrive at the Fort, with the chance to gaze out across the jungle to the stunning waters below.

Cua Van

Cua Van is one of the old floating villages that still remain in the waters around Halong Bay and is perhaps the most well known. Like many other floating villages, many people who lived in Cua Van have returned to the mainland but you can visit the village to see what life was like for those who lived on the water. A small museum helps to tell the story of Cua Van through the years.

Hospital Cave

Built in the early 1960s, Hospital Cave on Cat Ba island was a secret, bomb-proof hospital and safe house used by VC leaders during the Vietnam war. Hidden from sight, the hospital was made up of 17 rooms hidden within the cave, including offices and surgeries as well as cinema within a large cavern and even a small swimming pool. Used until the mid 1970s, the cave is worth a visit if you are on the island.

Bai Tu Long

The Bai Tu Long National Park sits just north of Halong Bay and is just as, if not more, scenic. It isn’t yet as well visited by tourists so there are only limited options when it comes to taking a cruise to the area where you can expect to find plenty of unspoiled and undeveloped islands.

Junk Cruise

If visiting Halong Bay then a cruise on a traditional Vietnamese Junk is a must. Sail out on the clear blue waters to embrace the stunning landscapes of the bay and you’ll be able to marvel at the natural beauty of the area from the best possible viewpoint.

Tuần Châu Island

Tuần Châu Island is located near to Ha Long and is home to a number of facilities that have been built with tourists firmly in mind. That includes a golf course, dolphinarium, marina and multiple restaurants.

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