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Known as the Caribbean’s Island of Spice, Grenada is the ideal option for anyone who wants to experience a truly authentic taste of what life in the region is like.

The island benefits from impressive weather across the calendar year, with the average temperature exceeding 25 degrees even in the middle of winter. You can also expect to enjoy year round sun, although there is a rainy season where precipitation levels increase thanks to a tropical climate.

The nickname Island of Spice comes form the fact that Grenada is a large producer of a range of different spices; ranging from cinnamon and cloves to mace and nutmeg.

As such, you can expect to experience a wide range of aromas floating on the air during your time on the island, with a visit to one of the local processing plants providing the chance to see first hand the way in which the spices are harvested and readied for sale in nearby markets.

The spice trade may be the thing Grenada is known for around the world, but the island also offers plenty of natural delights to draw in foreign visitors.

As you would expect from a Caribbean island, there are plenty of impressive beaches on which to lay back and take in the sun, with the area around Grand Anse being the most popular; with white sands and clear turquoise water off the south coast being particularly well known.

Other sections of the coast provide the chance to go diving and sample the delights of reefs and shipwrecks below the water, whilst heading inland offers the opportunity to experience the stunning beauty of rolling hills, vibrant forests, large, wildlife laden nature reserves and majestic volcanoes.

The main city in Grenada is the capital city St George’s, where you can visit the National Museum, take a stroll through the remains of Fort George, or explore the local markets.

When to go
January to April
Flight Time
11 hours 5 mins

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