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Cayo Guillermo sits alongside Cayo Coco in the Jardines del Rey off the coast of Cuba and is another island that has been developed solely for the tourist industry.

As with Cayo Coco, the island was once little more than a base for fishermen and a small group who were trying to produce fuel from charcoal.

From the early 1990s onwards however, development on the island has seen the creation of a number of all inclusive resorts, which are now the ideal place for tourists who want to get away from everyday life and relax in the Caribbean sun.

Favourable weather conditions are to be expected throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from the low 20s during the winter to high 20s in the height of summer.

Many people decide to visit outside the traditional holiday seasons, with the wettest weather arriving in the middle of summer – although the sharp showers tend to pass quickly.

Most people who head for Cayo Guillermo will elect to make use of the facilities within their hotel for much of their time away from home, with only limited facilities to be found elsewhere on the island.

That’s not to say there aren’t other things to see and do however, with water-based activities in particular being popular both on Cayo Guillermo and on nearby Cayo Coco.

Cayo Coco is linked to the mainlaind, which means you can head off for a day to explore a more authentic side of Cuba if you so desire.

You could even take a flight to the likes of Havana or Trinidad from the Jardines del Rey airport.

When to go
December to April
Flight Time
12 Hours 5 mins

Things To Do


Cayo Guillermo is home to a dolphinarium that is located close to the bridge to neighbouring Cayo Coco. Here, you can interact with the creatures in a semi-natural environment or even take to the water yourself to swim alongside them.


Like Cayo Coco, the waters around Cayo Guillermo are something of a haven for divers who can take to the inviting waters to check out the reefs off the coast – which are home to a colourful mix of marine species.

Boat trips

The marina located on Cayo Guillermo is a great place to board a boat that will take you on a cruise around the coastline. For those who want to explore the various reefs but don’t fancy getting wet, you could even board a glass-bottomed boat to see what lies below the water.


If you want to try your hand at something different on the water, then Kiteboarding is well worth considering. The shallow waters close to the coast and the constant wind conditions are perfect for beginners who want to sample the sport for the first time, whilst experts can also embrace the quiet waters at a number of locations around the island.

Rocarena Climbing

Head over to Cayo Coco and you can enjoy a day of run at the Rocarena Climbing Centre, which is open to those aged four and upwards. The centre is home to climbing and bouldering walls as well as a selection of high rope courses and a viewing platform at the top of the main structure offers views of the surrounding area.

Playa Pilar

One of the top beaches on Cayo Guillermo, Playa Pilar is a great place to head if you want to relax away from your hotel, with plenty of golden sand as well as a beach bar and grill, shower facilities and a water sport centre. It’s also famous for being named after Ernest Hemingway’s yacht, with the writer featuring the beach in one of his last novels.

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