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Cayo Coco sits on the chain of islands known as the Jardines del Rey off the north coast of Cuba and is linked to the mainland via a causeway.

Once home to a small community of fishermen and charcoal producers, the island had become little more than a swamp before the creation of the causeway in the 1980s opened up the opportunity of new development.

That development had been focused firmly on the tourist industry, with a number of hotels having been built and a new airport that opened up the region to international arrivals.

As a result, modern day Cayo Coco is now a popular destination with people looking to enjoy a break in the Caribbean, thanks in no small part to the impressive beaches and the good weather throughout the year.

Temperatures will range from the low 20s during the winter to high 20s in the height of summer, although there is the chance of short sharp showers if you visit during peak season.

Given the fact that island has bee developed firmly with tourism in mind, the appeal for many people is to simply to escape in all inclusive luxury, but there are alternative things to do away from the individual hotels and resorts.

Water-based activities play a large part, with the chance to go sailing off the coast or to try your hand at diving and snorkeling, whilst you could also make use of the causeway to visit the mainland and see a more authentic side to Cuba.

The fact that there is the airport nearby also opens up the chance to visit further afield on the mainland – either on a day trip or by turning your HOT Holiday into a multi-centre break in the likes of Havana or Varadero.

When to go
December to April
Flight Time
12 hours 5 mins

Things To Do

Rocarena Climbing Centre

The Rocarena Climbing Centre is located near to the Sol Cayo Coco hotel and offers fun for all ages from four upwards. The centre is home to climbing and bouldering walls as well as a selection of high rope courses and a viewing platform at the top of the main structure offers views of the surrounding area.


The waters around Cayo Coco are packed with a number of diverse dive sites, providing plenty of opportunity to take to the waters to explore the varied marine life that lives in the surrounding area. It’s also possible to use one of the diving schools to book an excursion further afield on Cuban soil.

Cueva del Jabali

The Cueva del Jabali, or the Cave of the Wild Boar, is one of the most unique entertainment venues anywhere in Cuba and is located in a natural cave. Head down a spiral staircase into the cave, which has been converted to host disco and cabaret nights. You can also look up at the stars through the open roof, whilst families can visit during the day to admire natural rock formations – and maybe even see bats hanging from the ceiling.


There are a number of commercial centres on Cayo Coco to cater for the tourist market, which house a selection of boutique stores and market stalls where you can pick up souvenirs to take back home.

Horse riding

Special tours on horseback are one of the best ways to explore Cayo Coco, with the opportunity to take a trip along one of the many beaches or to head inland to explore some of the natural scenery of the island.

Relax with a Spa treatment

Many of the hotels on Cayo Coco have their own spas onsite where you can relax with one of a number of individual treatments, but if yours doesn’t, there are some options available elsewhere that provide the chance to enjoy some relaxation and refreshment.

Best Hotels In Cayo Coco

Memories Flamenco Hotel

Cayo Coco

Memories Flamenco is a stunning 5 star hotel located close to the tropical sandy beach in the Jardines del Rey archipelago. The hotel is connected with other parts of Cayo Coco by...

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