Known as one of Europe’s best outdoor destinations, Iceland is the perfect one stop shop for all your explorer needs! From stunning scenery and epic glaciers to wildlife watching and magnificent waterfalls, there’s so much to do. Whether you head off on a weekend getaway or a weeklong adventure your schedule will be jam packed with excitement. Here’s our top 5 musts to tick off your bucket list while in Iceland…

One: The Golden Circle 

Certainly one of Iceland’s most popular day trips, The Golden Circle consists of three major attractions you won’t want to miss. First up is Thingvellir National Park, a place known for its stunning landscapes. Offering beautiful hiking trails, picture perfect lakes and the infamous Almannagja. Here you have the unique opportunity to see the exposed edges of two tectonics plates as they drift apart. Next, you’ll head to Geysir, a geothermal area within Haukadalur Valley.  The spot is filled with hot springs, bubbling mud baths and active geysers. Feel the ground tremble as Strokkur erupts into fountains of boiling hot water soaring high into the sky. Finally, you arrive at Gullfoss Falls, probably the most impressive of all Icelandic waterfalls. Plunging over 30 meters into the rocky canyons, the magnificent two-tiered falls often hosts glimmering rainbows on those sunny days.

Two: Blue Lagoon 

You can’t visit Iceland without taking a trip to the Blue Lagoon! The geothermal spa draws in crowds from around the world as people hope to feel the rejuvenating qualities the pool has to offer. Averaging around 37-39 C the blue waters fall nothing sort of tranquil, with free mud facemasks on offer from the swim up spa bar to really amp up the pampering. With a backdrop of volcanic landscapes and a mist of steam covering the area it really is a sight like no other. Being such a popular attraction, the Blue Lagoon often gets fully booked so make sure your prepared and get your tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment!

Three: Whale Watching

Take your chance to spot one of the most majestic creatures on earth as you head out on a whale watching adventure. Generally, you’ll find your best shot at catching a glimpse of these gentle giants is between April and October, with the summer months coming up trumps as this is feeding season in the Northern Atlantic. There are many species that inhabit the Icelandic waters including Humpback whales, Minke whales and, if you’re lucky enough to see one, the impressive Blue whale. Pack your binoculars, get your camera ready and keep your fingers crossed as you head out on this exciting voyage.

Four: Northern Lights 

Probably the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Iceland is the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights! The famous flurry of blue and green lights dance around the sky in an unique and mesmerising manner. Taking your trip in winter will likely improve your chances of seeing this natural phenomenon with the vibrant colours being most visible on dark, clear nights. Due to this, you’re best-off heading away from the bright lights of the city and into a more rural destination. Top tip: take a tour hosted by expert guides as they will have the best knowledge of the weather and aurora forecast as well as advice on how to capture amazing pictures!

Five: Glacier Snowmobiling 

Head to Langjokull, one of Iceland’s largest glaciers for an unforgettable snowy adventure. Enjoy the Icelandic scenery as you travel in a 4x4 super jeep across the icy terrain. Then wrap up warm as you venture out on an exciting snowmobile experience, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts! The breathtaking views of undisturbed nature is truly a once in a lifetime sight that you don’t want to miss.