Your gals’ getaways and family fun-days don’t have to break the bank! Whether you’re saving for a house but still need a weekend in the city or are looking for a long-haul trip that doesn’t have you stocking up your Vinted store with everything you own, we’ve got just the thing…


Famed for its tropical beaches and opulent temples, at first glance Thailand may not seem like the obvious budget break but with a few money saving hacks it could just be the place for you! Popular among solo travellers and backpackers, Thailand is considerably cheaper during the low season of April – September. Although you may need to pack your rain mac, the weather conditions surely won’t dampen the experience of visiting some of the world’s most amazing monasteries, beaches, and waterfalls. With an endless amount of free activities, you can certainly make the most of your days without spending a penny.

The Big Buddha in Phuket is one of Thailand’s most spectacular sights, and guess what? It’s completely free to visit! Sitting atop Nakkerd Hill, this impressive 45-metre-tall statue is a must see; don’t forget to take your camera along to capture this once in a lifetime view. From Buddha’s to beaches, the golden sands of Railay bay provide the ultimate spot of total tranquillity. Surrounded by limestone cliffs, this flawless shoreline is only accessible by boat. But worry not as this won’t set you back much, only costing around £3 for the journey. However, the soothing sea views aren’t the only blissful activity you can enjoy at a low cost. Travelling can take it’s toll and what better way to combat the backpacking aches than a trip to the spa. With a massage costing as little as £3.50 for an hour of deep tissue revitalisation, it’s an offer you can’t turn down! 

On the other hand, travelling from one place to the next could be a different story. Your chosen method of transport is crucial in saving you some cash. While the typical taxi’s may be an easy option, during rush hour theses fares can easily rack up. And although a tuk-tuk is definitely a fun way to travel, it’s best kept to a one-time venture. Instead, we’ve got a couple of other budget friendly options for you to take advantage of.  Now this may not be for everyone, but if you’re up for a bit of adventure then why not rent a motorbike or scooter! For around £5 a day you could be riding around Thailand soaking up all it has to offer. If the passenger life is more your style, then you can find buses and trains going to pretty much anywhere. Whether you’re just popping into town or travelling to another part of the country, Thailand certainly offers extremely affordable and flexible travel arrangements.

Riga – Latvia 

Based at the mouth of River Daugava, Riga is one of the largest cities in Northern Europe. This unique community has elements of both big city life and quaint old-time towns. The picturesque (and frankly postcard worthy) streets provide the ultimate sightseeing experience on a budget! In the heart of the old town stands the House of Black Heads; one of Riga’s most famous landmarks which draws in crowds from far and wide. Costing only around £6 for entry, this building was once used as a venue for meetings and banquets alike but now offers an insight into the legends surrounding the Brotherhood of the Blackheads. The striking architecture is only the beginning of the wonders it beholds with opulent chandeliers, royal paintings, and mysterious medieval cellars; there’s no shortage of historical elements to awe at.

And after all that exploring, you’re bound to have worked up an appetite. With ample amounts of appealing restaurants available, you’ll never be far from a budget friendly option. Lido is one of Riga’s most popular chains, with various establishments dotted around the city. Renowned for its large portions and cheap prices, its no wonder so many locals and tourists flock to taste the hearty, traditional dishes on offer. Still accommodating a low budget but offering more of a café/pub experience, Gauja has become one of the cities most up and coming hot spots. With delicious food, bargain booze and coffee so good it’ll leave you wanting more, it’s clear to see why it has quickly grown such popularity.

Now finding the right place to stay can be one of the trickier parts of booking a trip away, especially when trying to keep costs low! Staying in the Old Town of Riga is always a good idea, with so much going on in the heart of the city, there’s something to keep you occupied everyday without having to splurge on taxis and travel. There’s plenty of budget friendly hotels around the centre so it’s important to do your research and find the best deal before you travel!

Marmaris – Turkey 

Known for its lively nightlife and gleaming turquoise waters, Marmaris is a Mediterranean resort town situated along the Turkish Riviera. With hotels from as low as £35 a night, it’s easy to see why this destination is popular among budget travellers. Whether you’re after a relaxing beach holiday or want to party the night away, Marmaris has something for everyone!

Perfect for those gals vaycays and lads’ getaways, the nightlife at Marmaris is one of the best in Turkey. From world class DJ’s playing at clubs to live music at chilled out bars, you’ll never be short of evening entertainment worth writing home about. While the bigger clubs such as Crazy Daisy may set you back a little more for their iconic foam parties and bougee cocktails, heading along to the smaller local bars will find you a much better deal. A Turkish beer for as little as £2 and a glass of local wine for just £3? Yes please!

But the versatility of Marmaris means that it also offers the perfect family fun escape. With around 6 miles of stunning shores and serene seas, there’s no shortage of adventures to be had along the golden coast. Building sandcastles and swimming in the crystal-clear blue waters won’t cost you a penny but it sure does provide memories that last a lifetime! If your little ones have more of an adventurous nature, then there’s also an abundance of activities to keep them occupied throughout their stay. From around just £20pp you can experience the spectacular that is the all-inclusive pirate ship, or why not head to the Aqua Dream waterpark with 44,000 square meters of amusement and joy.

So, whether you’re backpacking through Thailand, sightseeing in Riga, or spending time with family and friends in Marmaris there are plenty of budget friendly options that don’t break the bank.