One of the best things about travelling is learning about some of the amazing animals that share our world.

Here are a number of experiences that allow you to see the world’s wonderful wildlife in some of our favourite destinations across the globe.

Pig Beach - Bahamas
We’ve mentioned this one a few times here on the blog, but we’re big fans of Pig Beach, which is located on Big Major Cay in the Bahamas.

Here, you can meet up with the pigs that have made the island their home, and which are now one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area.

The pigs love being in the water, and going swimming alongside them is an experience to remember.

Elephant Hills - Thailand
Elephant Hills is a luxury tented camp situated in Khao Sok which offers the opportunity to get up closes to stunning Asian elephants.

You’ll be given the chance to feed and interact with these majestic animals, and watch them rolling around in large mud pits as they would do in the wild.

For ethical reasons, rides on the elephants are not permitted, with the mission of the resort being very much on conservation and caring for the animals rather than exploiting them in any way.

Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier - Canada
Despite being only half an hour or so away from Old Québec, the Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier provides the opportunity to head out and explore the scenic beauty of the Canadian countryside.

Covering well over 650sq miles, the park is home to a huge array of walking trails and is a great place to sample a range of different activities across the year - from walking and fishing during the summer months, to snowshoeing and nordic skiing in the winter.

If you're lucky then during a trip to the park, you’ll be able to marvel at the local wildlife, with deer, foxes and more than 100 different species of birds being found within. However, there is no doubt what the major draw is for wildlife lovers, with Canadian moose being the kings of the glacial valley.\

Kruger National Park - South Africa
There are numerous places on the African continent where it is possible to go on safari but one of the best is the Kruger National Park, located in South Africa.

The park is one of Africa’s largest and is known to be home to what is referred to as the 'Big Five' - the lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard.  

There are various ways in which you head out to see these famous creatures - and the many other species that call the park their home - which range from simple day safaris as part of your wider holiday to bespoke breaks that will see you stay in special lodges or tented camps in the heart of the park.

It isn’t likely to be a destination that immediately springs to mind when it comes to an overseas holiday, but there are few places as spectacular as Antarctica.

For obvious reasons, this isn’t a destination where you’ll be staying in luxurious hotel accommodation, with trips to Antarctica instead taking place by boat, with various cruise lines operating trips that head to the area from South America.

What wildlife you can expect to see will depend on when you travel, with February and March being the time to enjoy whale watching from onboard your vessel, whilst later in the year, you can marvel at King Penguins in large colonies on the ice.

Kangaroo Island - Australia
Kangaroo Island is located off the coast of South Australia, around 70 miles or so away from Adelaide.

Although there are a number of small settlements on the island, much of the landscape remains as it has always been, with five areas that are protected as either National Parks, Conservation Parks or Wilderness Protection Areas.

Within these areas, you’ll find a wide range of different species including - as the name suggests - the kangaroo. However, you might also come across wallabies, possums, echidna and koalas on a visit to the island, whilst around the coast, sea lions and seals are commonplace.

Katmai National Park - Alaska
There are various places across North America where it is possible to see brown bears and one of the very best is in a remote part of Alaska; the Katmai National Park.

Located on the Alaskan Peninsula, the National Park is famed for being home to a large number of bears that have been attracted to the area by the salmon filled waters - with a huge rush of fish taking place each year as they return from the ocean into the streams and rivers.

By far the best place to marvel at Katmai’s brown bear population is Brooks Falls, where they come together to catch migrating salmon and there special viewing platforms where you can view from a safe distance.

Ranthambore National Park - India
The Ranthambore National Park is located in Rajasthan in Northern India and is one of the largest national parks in the country.

Having once been a hunting ground for the Maharajas of Jaipur, the park is now one of the top wildlife-based tourist attractions there is, with people flocking to the area to see a diverse range of different species.

Without doubt, the biggest draw is the spectacular Bengal Tigers that are found within the park, with various trips being available for those who want to see them in the wild - with leopards, hyena and crocodiles amongst the other animals you are likely to see.