We’re big fans of the Caribbean, which is very much a dream destination for an overseas holiday - thanks in no small part to the seemingly endless list of stunning beaches and the crystal clear waters that you’ll find no matter which island you have decided to visit.

But of those many beaches, which are the ones you really should visit if the chance arises?

Here’s just a handful that you might want to add to your 'bucket list'….

Seven Mile Beach - Cayman Islands
As you’ll have seen when we recently featured the Cayman Islands, Seven Mile Beach (which isn’t actually seven miles long) is one of the most stunning stretches of sand you’ll find anywhere in the Caribbean - and is also one of the most accessible.

The beach sits on Grand Cayman and is lined with some of the best hotels on the island, which means you won’t have to head far to hit the coral sands and the clear waters where you can lie back under the sun and simply relax in picture perfect surroundings.

Pig Beach - Bahamas
Okay so the beach that sits on Big Major Cay is impressive, with golden sand and warm, inviting water lapping against the shore - but it isn’t the main reason to visit.

Instead, you’ll want to add this beach onto your list in order to visit the colony of pigs that have become a tourist attraction in their own right.

At the end of the day, where else in the world will swimming with pigs be an option during your holiday?

Pink Sands Beach - Bahamas
Staying in the Bahamas, Pink Sands Beach is worth a visit because - as the name suggests - the sand has a pink tinge, thanks to the crushed shells from which it has been formed.

One of the top pink beaches around, it’s a great place to take a refreshing dip or to use as your base to head out kayaking onto some of the nearby reefs.

Of course, should you just want to top up your sun tan then you’ll have plenty of chances to do that too.

Varadero Beach - Cuba
Although Cuba might not be the first choice for a beach holiday in the Caribbean, it’s actually home to some impressive stretches of coast - such as those on the Jardines del Rey chain off the north of the island.

On the mainland itself, the beach close to the resort of Vardero is particularly welcoming with plenty of golden sand and calm waters where you can either enjoy a swim, or sample various different watersports.

There’s also no shortage of hotels, bars and restaurants nearby.

Maho Beach - St Maarten
Maho Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world - but there’s a good chance it’s one you wouldn’t have actually been able to name…

The beach has fantastic golden sand, and stunning blue water but that isn’t really the reason why you’d visit. Instead, people flock to the beach because it’s located on the end of the main runway at Princess Juliana International Airport and you’ll be able to watch large passenger plans swoop down over your head as they come in to land.

If you’re something of a plane spotter then this is the place to go…

Pigeon Beach - Tobago
Pigeon Beach is one of the top beaches in Trinidad and Tobago and is situated on the quieter of the two islands. As with other options on this short list, it’s a great place to visit if you want to relax under the sun, whilst the inviting waters are a great place to cool off when required.

Various watersports can also be enjoyed off the coast.