This week we’ve been showcasing some of the hotels around Dubai Marina, which has developed into one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods to be found anywhere in the Emirate.

Dubai Marina sits alongside a two-mile stretch of sand in the heart of the city just a short distance from Palm Jumeirah, and is set to be one of the largest man-made marinas in the world when work on the development draws to a close.

Already, the marina has become home to some of the most impressive private accommodation options in Dubai, with glamorous apartments located in towering blocks that provide owners with exclusive views out across the Arabian Gulf.

Right on the doorstep, huge super yachts bob on the water whilst locals and tourists visiting the area stroll together along the palm-lined promenades.

Those tourists are drawn in by a number of attractions that have popped up in the area as part of the opening phases of the development, which include a range of bars and restaurants where you can sample top class cuisine or grab a refreshing drink.

The marina is also home to a number of family-friendly beaches where you can lie back and relax under the sun, take a ride on camel back or enjoy a varied range of water based activities.

Those can range from relaxing cruises on a traditional Dhow to more thrilling rides on a banana boat or the chance to try your hand at parasailing, whilst a look to the skies is likely to see people coming in to land as they take part in a skydive from high above the city - affording views of Dubai like no other.

Another all action way to get a view of the marina is via XLine Dubai; the world’s longest zipline where you can hit speeds of up to 80km/hr as you drop from a height of 170m down to ground level.

Should either of those be a little bit too exhilarating, Ain Dubai - located on Bluewaters Island - is the highest and largest observation wheel in the world and the near 40 minute trip to complete a full revolution will give visitors plenty of time to admire the sights of the marina, whilst also spotting some of the most famous locations on the Dubai skyline.

The marina wouldn’t be complete without offering some retail therapy, which is catered for by the Dubai Marina Mall.

Although small when compared to the likes of the Dubai Mall, it offers in excess of a hundred different stores of all sizes, as well as dining options and a cinema.

Combined, it makes Dubai Marina a holiday destination in its own right, and with plenty more to see close by, it’s an increasingly popular place to visit for an Emirate adventure.